Good student car insurance discount

Being a student can be a really exciting time, full of new experiences and people to meet. Going to college is easily one of the most important things in a young adult’s life, and the memories made there are long-lasting. But, we’re all pretty aware of how expensive it can be, with plenty of families doing just about everything that they can to make sure that they’re saving as much money as possible. Fortunately enough, there is the opportunity for a good student car insurance discount, and there are numerous students who are taking up on these offers. But first, a person has to understand the criteria.

The Grade Point Average

While there are more factors in determining what a good student is, the insurance companies state that a student must have a 3.0 GPA before they receive a good student car insurance discount. Others state that an applicant must have an A average. It really depends on the company a person chooses to go with, and that may depend on what the student’s grades are like. In the event that the student has been schooled at home, the car insurance company would look at how they have tested on standardized tests, so they’re not out of the loop when it comes to these discounts, either.

Other Designations

Although unfortunate, there’s a chance that a person doesn’t quite fit the discount criteria on the GPA at this point, but that’s not the only way to qualify. There are other designations that can be used if a person wants to receive a good student car insurance discount. For instance, a person would have to be on the Dean’s List or Honor Roll, in addition to being in the 20% ACT or SAT score.  Also, the PSAT can be used as a factor in determining whether or not an insurance company will offer a discount, achieving in the top 20%.   

The Amount of Discount

The rates are genuinely impressive for any good student car insurance discount. Most of the leading companies offer more than 10% on the discounted rate. There have even been those companies who have extended a discount of more than 15%. So, that only means that a person will have to thoroughly research those companies that will offer the most for your money. Fortunately, there are more than enough companies to choose from, including the most proficient companies in the industry rewarding some pretty talented young minds.

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